GoZayaan acquires FindMyAdventure for an undisclosed amount

Noor Haider
GoZayaan acquires FindMyAdventure for an undisclosed amount
GoZayaan acquires FindMyAdventure for an undisclosed amount

GoZayaan, a Singapore-based startup in Bangladesh, has acquired FindMyAdventure, a Karachi-based adventure travel marketplace.

The Deal: The amount GoZayaan paid for FindMyAdventure was undisclosed. Nonetheless, Deal Street Asia and Bloomberg report the deal size around $3.5 million.

Tell me more: GoZayaan is a travel aggregator and lets you book tours, hotels, flights, and buses. Think of it as a Bangladesh version of FindMyAdventure.

It previously raised $3.5 million in disclosed funding across two rounds.

Make it make sense: To finance the acquisition of FindMyAdventure, GoZayaan raised an undisclosed amount of money in January.

Between the lines: The primary reason for this acquisition is the similarity between Bangladesh and Pakistan in terms of:

  • geography
  • user-behavior
  • internet penetration
  • digital travel booking

GoZayaan wants to make travel more convenient for users in the region by offering them a better experience, technical support, and more digital solutions.

And as part of the deal, FindMyAdventure will rebrand to GoZayaan Pakistan.

You should know: FindMyAdventure was founded in 2016 by Husnain Habib Malik, Khawaja Raza Abbas, and Komail Naqvi.

It raised a total of $750,000 in disclosed funding before being acquired.

Big Picture: Startup acquisitions are rare in Pakistan, but their pace has picked up since last year.

In 2021, Jordan-based Abwaab acquired Edmatrix, and UAE-based TruckSher acquired TruKKer.

It’s great to see regional startups acquiring their counterparts in Pakistan.

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