Techshaw explores the startup economy in Pakistan by bringing you timely narratives, data-driven analysis, and informed opinions.

Our creations: A handy startup funding tracker, a monthly newsletter curating ecosystem news, a daily-ish newsletter summarizing startup news, and an interview-style podcast.

A little history: Techshaw was launched in 2014 to document the Pakistani startup ecosystem and serve as an information resource for entrepreneurs, investors, and operators.

A lot has changed since then, but our mission is still the same.

Mission: To inform and inspire startup builders by crafting sharp narratives and providing meaningful insights. 

Goal: To be the most reliable information source on the startup economy in Pakistan.

Tell me more: The internet is overflowing with startup-related content, but most of it is not created for the market nuances found in Pakistan.

While the rest of the world is busy creating new markets, Pakistan is trying to digitize existing markets by organizing offline behavior.

This insight shapes how news is reported and content is created.

Our promise: We value your attention and appreciate your time. And for that reason, we don’t bombard you with ads or popups and don’t accept paid stories.

Also, no scoops, no breaking news, and no clickbait.

But we need to keep the lights on. So we plan on selling sponsorships in our newsletters and podcast soon. Please contact us if you want us to reach out to you when we go live.

We also sell access to the database that powers the startup funding tracker.

Zahid Lilani
Founder, Techshaw

*That’s a royal we. It’s just me.


What is your definition of a Pakistani startup?

Active VC or Angel-funded startup founded or co-founded by a Pakistani and headquartered in Pakistan with the majority of employees or founders/co-founders in Pakistan. If not headquartered in Pakistan, the majority of employees and founders/co-founders are in Pakistan.

Do you cover startups that don’t disclose the amount raised?

Yes, if it has news value. Startups that have not disclosed their funding amount publicly are not included in aggregate data reported on this site.

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