Techshaw is a digital publication covering Pakistan’s startup ecosystem.

It was founded in 2014 as a standalone blog, and later refreshed as a newsletter in late 2019 to cover startup funding. We* are known in the ecosystem to provide accurate, transparent, and timely startup funding data every quarter.

We aspire to be different by bringing you timely narratives, data driven analysis and informed opinions. Our core is data, and our aim is to build on that.

No scoops. No breaking news. No click-baity garbage.

Our mission is to inform and inspire by crafting smart narratives. And in pursuit of this vision, we are currently looking for a Staff Writer to report news and tell context driven narratives.

We value your attention and appreciate your time. And for that reason, we don’t track you, we don’t bombard you with ads or popups and don’t accept paid stories.

But we need to keep the lights on. So we plan to charge for premium content in the near future.

We believe the value we provide will speak for itself.

Zahid Lilani
Founder, Techshaw

*That’s a royal we. It’s just me.