Ethics Policy

Our guiding principle

Techshaw is a media company focusing on Pakistan’s fast-evolving startup ecosystem. 

Our goal is to offer you timely narratives, data-driven analysis, and informed opinions that inspire a sense of purpose. 

By crafting sharp narratives and providing insightful insights, we aim to inform and inspire startup builders. 

Our mission is to be the most reliable source of information about the startup economy in Pakistan.

The ethics we uphold

Media is our main focus, but we’re also building a community. 

We report facts, edit for context, and provide a complete picture as much as we can. Except when we invite guests to author opinion pieces. 

We take pride in what we do. Before we publish anything, we ensure that all of our reporting is accurate, fair, and complete. However, this can be subjective, especially in the case of guest authors.

We are not journalists but mere observers of the startup ecosystem. We have bias, but we try to be objective. 

We expect our writers, both hired and guest authors, to conduct their work with honesty, respect, independence, impartiality, and a desire to inform. 

We do not tolerate plagiarism or fabrication. 

Anything published under the opinion section on Techshaw is just that, a personal opinion of the author.

And opinions matter, even if they don’t agree with a commonly held belief or narrative.

Corrective measures

We strive to report accurately and fact-check our sources. Nonetheless, we seek to correct mistakes when informed.

Corrections are only made to factual errors. For example, if the startup was founded in 2019 but incorrectly reported as 2020. The error will be corrected once we are notified.

Please send an email to or contact us on social media to report a factual error.