Thanks to entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and business leaders, Pakistan’s startup ecosystem is booming. What can we do to make it even better? What can we learn from the best?

Hello. My name is Zahid Lilani, founder of Techshaw.com. A digital media outlet covering Pakistan’s startup economy.

This podcast features conversations with some of the smartest people building Pakistan’s startup ecosystem. My guests include entrepreneurs, investors, business operators, and content creators.

You will learn how they solve big problems with innovative solutions and how you can apply the same strategies to your business or startup.

If you are interested in being a guest on the misaal podcast, you can book a slot here.

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episode 019 – Faaez-ul-Haq | Kinnow Capital

episode 018 – Muhammed Bukhari | Farmdar

episode 017 – Yasir Ilyas | Hysab Kytab

episode 016 – Mubariz Siddiqui | Pakistan Startup Lawyer

episode 015 – Adam Dawood | bSecure.pk

episode 014 – Raza Matin | Brandverse

episode 013 – Omar Shah | COLABS

episode 012 – Saad Hasan | HBL Ventures

episode 011 – Humza Khan | Binance Pakistan

episode 010 – Umar Khan | SocialBu

episode 009 – Faisal Khan | ScholarDen

episode 008 – Ahmar Awan | Truck It In

episode 007 – Hira Tariq | Sisterhood.pk

episode 006 – Bilal Sheikh | Lettus Kitchens

episode 005 – Ariba Shahid | Profit and Deal Street Asia

episode 004 – Kalsoom Lakhani | i2i Ventures

episode 003 – Usama Khalid | Contentdrips

episode 002 – Mutaher Khan | DAWN and Data Darbaar

episode 001 – Zubair Naeem Paracha | MENAbytes and Flare

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