Roomy introduces fast check-in

Noor Haider
Roomy introduces fast check-in
Roomy introduces fast check-in

Roomy, an Islamabad-based hospitality startup, has introduced a new feature to make check-ins easier for hotel guests.

Tell me more: Roomy’s new fast check-in feature allows you to do a seamless check-in in three simple steps. After filling in your booking details, you have to:

  1. add names and specify the arrival time
  2. add identifying documents
  3. make a payment

After the payment is made, a confirmation code is sent. Upon arrival, you can check in to the rooms remotely and pick up the room keys from the front desk.

Why it matters: Checking into a hotel can be a pain. Waiting at the reception, getting your details verified, and grabbing your keys can take a while.

Especially in the post covid world, waiting can make people anxious. So, Roomy’s check-in option enables them to opt for a contactless option.

Moreover, big hotel chains like Hyatt and Hilton have introduced digital check-ins. The startup wants to keep up with these digital trends and aims to transform Pakistan’s hotel industry.

You should know: Roomy was launched in 2018 and is currently operating in nine cities, including Islamabad, Murree, Batakundi, Minapin, Karimabad, Gulmit, Sost, Duikar, and Chitral.

The startup raised $1 million in Pre-Series A round in 2020.

Big picture: Roomy’s innovative approach to hotel booking could be a game-changer for frequent travelers. It offers all the conveniences of top-tier hotels for half the price with online booking, check-in & check-out, standardized rooms, and branded amenities.

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