NADRA to convert ID cards into digital wallets

Noor Haider
NADRA to convert ID cards into digital wallets
NADRA to convert ID cards into digital wallets

NADRA is working on converting the computerized national identity cards into digital wallets under the government’s Digital Pakistan initiative.

Tell me more: Last year, NADRA launched an online service to issue ID cards for Pakistanis, called Pak-Identity.

As you can imagine, getting an ID card requires certain documents for verification purposes.

Thankfully, the Pak-Identity app makes it easier to capture biometrics and documents using a smartphone. This makes the process of obtaining an ID card more convenient and efficient.

Now, if NADRA knows who you are, can it also provide you with a simple and easy way to store payment information?

Well, that’s the idea behind converting ID cards into digital wallets.

As fancy as it may sound, a digital wallet is just like a physical wallet connected to your credit card or bank.

A digital wallet linked to an ID card will promote:

  • contactless banking
  • financial inclusion
  • ease of doing business
  • e-governance initiatives by offering remote identification and e-KYC (electronic know your customer)

You should know: Pak-Identity is a remarkably effective app. Over 75,000 overseas Pakistanis have used the app to process their national identity cards.

Big Picture: Connecting a digital wallet to your ID card is a bold undertaking. In addition to making life easier, this could also present serious security risks.

Let’s just say that keeping private and sensitive information safe is a challenge for NADRA.

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