Remoty raises an undisclosed amount in an angel round

Remoty raises an undisclosed amount in an angel round
Remoty raises an undisclosed amount in an angel round

Remoty, a Lahore-based human resources platform, raised an undisclosed amount in an angel round from Deosai Ventures and angel investors Tayab Tariq, Usman Butt, and Hamid Zia.

Elevator pitch: Manage payroll, track tasks, and generate invoices from within Slack.

Make me care: During COVID lockdowns, remote work soared, and every business had to figure out a way to make it work.

After COVID restrictions were eased, many employees opted to work from home because it offered better work-life balance.

Nevertheless, many employers want their employees back in the office because space is expensive and teams need to bond.

When hybrid work becomes the norm, it creates challenges and opportunities.

Using Remoty’s cloud-based SaaS platform, both remote and hybrid teams can develop a more robust company culture, improve teamwork, and prevent burnout through seamless HR integrations.

Tell me more: Through Remoty, hybrid and remote teams can share their availability and progress from communication tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, and Lark (ByteDance).

Its cloud platform keeps track of every user’s working hours and time off, making it accessible anywhere.

With this data, Remoty’s smart algorithms provide insights into remote teams’ performance and productivity.

Additionally, Remoty assists software and design agencies that charge hourly rates to clients or pay hourly wages to their employees. 

It integrates directly with project management tools like Jira, Asana, and ClickUp to import every user’s active projects and tasks into Remoty, eliminating the need to recreate them.

By interacting directly with their communication tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams, the product is optimized for remote and hybrid workers since it reduces context switching.

You should know: Remoty was founded in 2022 by Mahad Ahmad, Owais Basit, and Fatimah Zafar. 

According to the press release, its customers include Calendly, The Pokemon Company, and Carnegie Mellon University. 

Zoom out: Work from home isn’t going anywhere and is becoming more prevalent. 

There’s no doubt that remote work will continue to evolve and play an increasingly important role in everyday life.

Tools and frameworks that support the future of work are essential for companies to succeed.

In this hybrid work environment, Remoty’s solution can go a long way in helping companies succeed.

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