WANTED: Brand Ambassadors for Product Pakistan

Brand Pakistan
Brand Pakistan

In his post about brand Pakistan, Uzair Younus suggests that by solving the operational inefficiencies, Pakistan can improve its image in the global economy and perhaps change the narrative that it isn’t a “terrible product.”

However, his solution ignores the core issue that is the foundation of any narrative — the People.


In 2004, I wanted to take advantage of PayPal’s $10 referral program. So I got this idea for a game and found a developer in Karachi. With 7 completed projects and 5-star feedback on Scriptlance (later acquired by Freelancer), he seemed like a solid choice.

After a couple of phone calls and a few emails, I sent him $600, never to hear from him again. Then, I reached out to the developer with the second-highest bid. He had completed 4 projects and had 5-star feedback. He was based in Hyderabad, India.

Long story short, he finished the game in record time and delivered a product that far exceeded my expectations. Our relationship lasted 2 years, and my overall spend with him exceeded $4,000.

It took me a while before I worked with another Pakistani freelancer. In 2016, I hired one to create the logo for Techshaw. I was really hoping that after 12 years, things might have turned a corner. I was wrong. It was once again a terrible experience.

Brand Pakistan can’t get better if the ambassadors (People) don’t care about how they are perceived. The people of Pakistan represent the brand Pakistan. Whether they like it or not, they are the brand ambassadors.

Those who understand this, make brand Pakistan stronger every day, and those who don’t, advocate for bans.

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