Clicky raises $2.4 million in pre-Series A funding

Noor Haider
Clicky raises $2.4 million in pre-Series A funding
Clicky raises $2.4 million in pre-Series A funding

Clicky, a Lahore-based e-commerce retailer, has raised $2.4 million in pre-Series A funding from Tricap Investments, CSHL, and multiple angel investors.

Elevator Pitch: A one-stop shop for clothing, accessories, and footwear.

Tell me more: There is a high demand for online shopping in the country. It is convenient and time-saving to shop from the comfort of your own home.

And if an online platform offers a diverse range of products, that’s like the cherry on top.

This is Clicky’s selling point.

It offers a variety of fashion-forward products ranging from apparel to shoes to accessories.

It works with local manufacturers, international brands, and private labels. It also has one of the largest warehouse fulfillment centers in the country at 25,000 sq ft.

You should know: Clicky was founded in 2016 by Muhammad Khalid and Syed Shahzad. Before the current round of funding, they had raised $700,000.

So far, Clicky has launched over five private labels across footwear and apparel and has worked with 20+ manufacturers.

The startup has grown business fourfold in less than a year, thanks to its private labels and curated fashion retailers.

Before you go: Clicky will use this new round of funding to scale its private label business.

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