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Brand Pakistan
Brand Pakistan

🚀 Techshaw Pulse Update

Last month, I announced the launch of Techshaw Pulse. A simple app to keep track of startup funding. Thank you for checking it out and providing feedback.

Last week, I updated the tracker to include 2016 transactions.

If you are interested in accessing the entire spreadsheet that powers the app, you can download it.

💰 Funding (amount disclosed)

MedznMore, the Karachi-based online pharmacy startup, raised $2,600,000 in Seed investment from undisclosed investors.

FindMyAdventure, the Karachi-based travel marketplace startup, raised $600,000 in Pre-Series A investment from undisclosed investors.

Bagallery, the Karachi-based e-commerce startup in the fashion space, raised $900,000 in Pre-Series A investment from Lakson Investments Venture Capital.

Conatural, the Lahore-based e-commerce startup in the beauty space, raised $825,000 in Pre-Series A investment from Karavan and multiple angel investors.

📰 Learn

In a show of superior moral authority, Pakistan bans TikTok. Who cares if it’s a bad sign for investors? Oh wait, never mind, just kidding. Roamer, a short-term car rental startup, does a “corona pivot” and launches ezBike. FinTech startup gets State Bank approval for an app that isn’t live. There’s some trouble in FinTech association paradise. Biggest EdTech company in Pakistan inks a technology deal with the biggest K-12 education system in Pakistan. Cloud kitchens will disrupt the food industry.

📜 Read

Make it easy for startups to do basic things, like ESOPs. In Ed-Tech, startups are still creating solutions looking for problems. Bucking the VC funding trend in Pakistan. Make internet policy more democratic, transparent, consultative, and informed. A primer on Kiryana and how it can be digitized.

📺 Watch

Rabeel Warraich talks to DeepDive about innovation and Pakistan’s digital economy.

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