Markhor: Delivering on Style, Comfort and Craftsmanship

Markhor: Delivering on Style, Comfort and Craftsmanship

As anticipated, my Kickstarter Perk arrived right in time for Eid.

Markhor doesn’t need any introduction. It’s the most talked about startup in the Pakistani diaspora. In the past, I have talked about Markhor and its humble roots. It’s quite a story.

But hey, what about the shoes and chappal?

Does Markhor really deliver on style, comfort, and craftsmanship it claims to champion?

In a word, yes.

Kaptaan Chappal

Markhor’s Kaptaan (Captain) Peshawari Chappal is unlike any other Chappal I have ever worn. Peshawari Chappal is not known for comfort because traditionally they are built to last, meaning, they are heavy and sturdy. However, Markhor has made them comfortable and fun to wear with the use of padded footbed, breathable insole, and soft leather lining.

I wore the Kaptaan Chappal on Eid and received many compliments and inquiries.

They look great, show great style, and go well with regular medium washed jeans and Shalwaar Kameez (of course).

Price: $169.00

Markhor: Delivering on Style, Comfort and Craftsmanship
Kaptaan Chappal by Markhor

Mark Loafer

Most people don’t remember this but the king of pop, Michael Jackson, was the one who made loafers popular. And now thanks to the hipster sub-culture, we are witnessing a reincarnation of loafers. Markhor’s tan-colored Mark Loafer with just the right amount green sets the style record straight and reveals design craftsmanship.

They are not as comfortable as the Peshawari Chappal, yet, very breathable with easy in-and-out. I didn’t know loafers are worn barefoot, it’s something my wife pointed out. Needless “FOB alert.”

They go well with light washed skinny jeans and knee-length shorts.

Price: $225.00

Markhor: Delivering on Style, Comfort and Craftsmanship
Mark Loafer by Markhor

The Derby

Markhor’s attempt at formal footwear with a slight variation of the classic derby design. The open laces along with prolonged toe box and slightly shorter tongue give the classic design a refreshed contemporary look.

It took me some time to break into them. Nothing outwardly wild about the derby, just elegant styling with casual wear comfort.

They go well with dress pants and business casual jeans.

Price: $235.00

Markhor: Delivering on Style, Comfort and Craftsmanship
The Derby by Markhor

Have you tried a pair? What are your thoughts?

Full Disclosure: Products mentioned were paid for by the reviewer and not provided as an incentive to write a review.

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