Note # 013

Note # 013

📈 Q3 Funding is Up 58%

During Q3 2020, eight Pakistani startups raised $16,025,000 in disclosed funding.

Compared to Q3 2019, that’s an increase of 58% from $10,170,000 and 22% increase over the previous quarter from $13,100,000.

Note # 013

For more numbers and a list of startups that raised funding, check out the post.

🚀 Techshaw Pulse

This month, your favorite newsletter turned ONE. And to celebrate, I am giving you visual access to my spreadsheet where I keep tabs on all things startup funding.

Introducing Techshaw Pulse

Note # 013

Ever since I discovered Glide, I wanted to turn my spreadsheet into an app. But it wasn’t made for Glide, so I had to configure it to make it Glide-able. Long story short, it’s ready for your eyes while I populate it with more transactions and data points.

Here’s what you get:

  • Snapshot: a summary of all data points that can be summarized.
  • Tracker: a running list of funding transactions updated within 24 hours of the announcement. Currently, it has all the data between 2017-2020.
  • Profile: “almost” everything you ever wanted to know about the funded startup.

All data comes from publicly available information sources such as online databases; Crunchbase, CB Insights, etc., industry reports such as i2i Insights, and online publications such as MENAbytes.

Techshaw Pulse

And one more thing.

If you are interested in accessing the entire spreadsheet that powers the app, you can download it.

💰 Funding (amount disclosed)

Aimfit, the Lahore-based health tech startup in the fitness niche, raised $1,000,000 in Seed investment from Indus Valley Capital and other undisclosed Angels.

Bykea, the Karachi-based transportation and logistics startup, raised $13,000,000 in Series B investment from Prosus Ventures, Sarmayacar, and Middle East Venture Partners.

Healthwire, the Lahore-based health tech marketplace, raised $700,000 in Series A investment from 47 Ventures.

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