JS Bank launches Zindigi, its digital bank

Noor Haider
JS Bank launches Zindigi, its digital bank
JS Bank launches Zindigi, its digital bank

Zinidigi lets you open a new bank account without visiting a branch.

Tell me more: After you download the app, enter your CNIC number and other relevant details to signup. You will then get a one-time password, allowing you to choose a pin.

An IBAN is generated, and your account number is your phone number through which you can add money.

The app allows you to:

  • transfer funds
  • make local and international payments
  • send international remittances
  • make investments in stocks and mutual funds
  • buy tickets for events, bus travel, and airplane tickets
  • request people to send money to your account

You can also order a debit card through the app.

You should know: Zindigi is trying to stand out from other digital banking apps by offering features like customization of widgets and themes.

It also has a Z-Store, an e-commerce store that lets you shop directly from the app with a MasterCard Virtual Card.

Before you go: JS Bank intends to target millennials and Gen-Z with Zindigi. The name is a play on two words, Digital and Zindagi.

The app is available on both Android and iOS.

Big picture: The first-mover advantage will benefit JS Bank in a market that will become more saturated with RAAST adoption. Zindigi sounds promising and gives us a glimpse into the future of banking in Pakistan.

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