Pakistan ranks 99th in the Global Innovation Index

Noor Haider
Pakistan ranks 99th in the Global Innovation Index
Pakistan ranks 99th in the Global Innovation Index

Pakistan has ranked 99th this year out of 132 economies on the Global Innovation Index, improving its ranking from 107 last year. It ranked 105 in 2019.

Tell me more: Pakistan ranked 7th among the ten economies in Central and Southern Asia and 17th among the 34 lower-middle-income group economies, as per the GII report.

Pakistan has performed above the lower-middle-income group average in four areas,

  • institutions
  • business sophistication
  • knowledge and technology outputs
  • creative outputs

The country performed above the regional average in the same four areas, in Central and Southern Asia.

You should know: The GII is published by a specialized agency of the United Nations,
the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

The index ranks the innovation capabilities and results of world economies. It measures innovation based on

  • Institutions
  • Human capital and research
  • Infrastructure
  • Credit
  • Investment
  • Linkages
  • Creation, absorption, and diffusion of knowledge and creative outputs

Zoom Out: The Global Innovation Index ranks the innovation ecosystem performance of economies around the globe each year, highlighting innovation strengths and weaknesses and gaps in innovation metrics.

They aim to provide an innovation ranking and detailed analysis referencing around 130 economies.

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