Oware raises $3.3 million in pre-seed funding

Oware raises $3.3 million in pre-seed funding
Oware raises $3.3 million in pre-seed funding

Oware, a Karachi-based supply chain startup, raised $3.3 million in pre-seed funding from Flexport Fund, Ratio Ventures, Seedstars International Ventures, Sketchnote Partners, The Osiris Group, Swiss Founders Fund, Reflect Ventures, +92 Ventures, and Walled City Co.

Elevator Pitch: Operating system for tracking and managing shipments across connected warehouses.

Tell me more: A key supply chain challenge is managing goods as they make their way through multiple warehouses and logistics providers.

You also need to figure out a reliable fulfillment partner and manage upfront warehouse costs.

That’s not all.

Having too much inventory in your warehouse may result in excess inventory taking up space and delaying shipments for in-demand items.

This inefficiency exists due to the fragmentation of the market, leading to a slow and inefficient process.

Oware wants to change that.

With an affordable and scalable alternative to traditional warehouse networks, it hopes to help businesses increase sales via more flexible warehousing and more innovative distribution.

Businesses can sign up for the warehouse space, take advantage of their distribution service, and have dashboards that show the operational status of all the elements of supply and distribution.

Let’s do the numbers: In Pakistan, the logistics industry employs about 6% of the working population and represents a $35 billion-plus market.

Oware provides distribution to 85% of Pakistan’s population with same-day delivery and 75% with next-day delivery from its 15 warehouses spread among four cities.

You should know: Oware was founded in 2021 by Raza Kazmi and Adil Nisar.

It plans to use the recent round of funding to expand operations and hire talent while also supporting product development.

Zoom out: By offering on-demand features, operational visibility, and insight, Oware is turning an aging industry into a modern one.

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