UAE-based EdTech startup Qureos expands to Pakistan

UAE-based EdTech startup Qureos expands to Pakistan
UAE-based EdTech startup Qureos expands to Pakistan

Qureos, an edtech startup based in the UAE, announced that it would expand to Pakistan after raising $3 million in pre-seed funding.

Tell me more: We live in a rapidly evolving world where education is undergoing significant changes. 

The Internet gave us traditional online learning, then MOOCs, and now we’ve moved to cohort-based learning.

However, everyone trying to learn has different goals.

But most people want to learn skills to get a job, change careers, or get promoted.

That’s what Qureos aims to do.

It provides students with mentorship, cohort-based learning, and apprenticeship opportunities to give them real-world experience.

But why Pakistan? Qureos has users from 133 countries, with roughly 32% from Africa and primarily from South Africa and Northern Africa.

With 29% of the population aged between 15 and 29, Queros believes Pakistan is the right country to focus on in line with its mission to accelerate 100 million careers.

You should know: Qureos was founded by Alexander Epure, Mehrad Yaghmai, and Usama Nini in 2021.

The startup claims to have attracted more than 25,000 trainees and 200 mentors from tech companies, including Google, Cisco, Amazon, and 300 business partners. 

Also, 17 of the startup’s 46 employees already reside in Pakistan, according to LinkedIn

Zoom out: With the fresh funding, the startup will expand into Pakistan, where it will actively onboard businesses to help them hire apprentices. 

Qureos plans to invest heavily in the country to create one million learning opportunities and facilitate over 100,000 jobs in the next three years.

One more thing: Qureos is pronounced as ‘curious.’

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