24Seven.pk raises $1 million in seed funding

24Seven.pk raises $1 million in seed funding
24Seven.pk raises $1 million in seed funding

24Seven.pk, a Lahore-based grocery delivery startup, raised $1 million in seed funding from Betatron Venture Group.

Elevator Pitch: Creating a single, cohesive brand experience for mom and pop stores.

Make me care: Pakistan has an estimated 5 million small and medium-sized businesses and a $170 billion retail market.

Of the 5 million small and medium-sized businesses, 1+ million are Kiryana stores.

24Seven believes it can help kiryana stores extend their reach by creating a unified consumer experience.

Tell me more: 24Seven.pk started as a consumer-facing grocery delivery service. 

During COVID, it expanded into the B2B space, helping kiryana stores reach customers by taking advantage of branding and digitization.

It rebrands various kiryana stores into a singular brand experience via its Apni Dukan service.

As an added benefit, kiryana stores use data to simplify ordering for up to 80% of their inventory. Moreover, store owners benefit from reduced costs and can manage cash flow better through financing.

24Seven claims that its B2B business segment has grown by nearly 40% monthly, with annual revenue of almost $50 million.

You should know: 24Seven.pk was founded in 2016 by Jarrar Shah, Maha Khalid, Muaz Zafar, Kashif Mukhtar, Qaiser Sheikh, and Nabil Shahzad.

To date, it has raised $1.2 million in disclosed funding. Last year, it raised $150,000 from SOSV after graduating from its MOX accelerator.

Zoom out: Pakistan is in a race to digitize its retail grocery industry. No matter the business model, quick commerce, or strict B2B, there is a lot of momentum. 

24Seven’s business model differentiates itself from other startups due to its unique approach to helping consumers while helping retailers.

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