Easypaisa launches QR codes for merchants

Noor Haider
Easypaisa QR Code
Easypaisa QR Code

Easypaisa has introduced an easy and convenient way for merchants to accept digital payments from their customers using QR codes.

Tell me more: Besides that, it also launched instant fund settlement, a simplified registration process, and an increased limit of 500,000 payments a month.

How it works: In the app, merchants can click on ‘My Account’ and choose “Become Easypaisa Merchant.” Then they must upload their business information and a picture of their CNIC.

The merchant receives a QR code that can be shared with customers. The customer can then scan the QR code, enter the amount and make a payment instantly.

Users can review their transaction history for up to 90 days and reverse any accidental transactions.

Zoom Out: Easypaisa’s QR payments represent another step toward promoting contactless transactions.

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