JOMO raises $850,000 in pre-seed funding

Noor Haider
JOMO raises $850,000 in pre-seed funding
JOMO raises $850,000 in pre-seed funding

JOMO, a Lahore-based fashion e-commerce startup, raised $850,000* in pre-seed funding from Systems Ventures.

Elevator Pitch: Authentic brands at competitive prices.

Tell me more: Shopping for branded products in Pakistan through third-party stores can be tricky. You can never be sure if the product will be the same as what you saw online.

You can’t try the product before buying online, so that’s another downside.

But even if you buy from a physical store, there is a possibility that the product might not be 100% original.

JOMO is aiming to change that.

It is a multi-brand fashion e-commerce store that offers shoes, apparel, and accessories that are 100% authentic.

It features products from big brands like Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Skechers, Lark & Finch, Pierre Cardin, etc.

The most significant value proposition for JOMO is that it offers a ‘try before you buy’ service and also has free delivery within Pakistan.

You should know: JOMO was founded in 2020 by Ali Khan-Bajauri.

Before you go: JOMO plans to use the funding to expand to new markets, products, and services.

*The amount reported in the media is in Pakistani Rupee of 150 million. It’s being converted to USD using a rate of 176.45 on 2/4/2022, the date of the announcement.

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