PTA: Starlink can’t provide internet services

Noor Haider
PTA: Starlink can't provide internet services
PTA Starlink can’t provide internet services

Elon Musk’s satellite broadband provider Starlink has not applied for a license to provide internet services in Pakistan, according to Pakistan’s Telecommunication Authority.

Tell me more: PTA issued a statement advising against placing pre-booking orders on Starlink’s or its associated websites.

The statement was issued after reports surfaced that Starlink’s website asks for a refundable deposit of $99 as a preorder for services.

The PTA has also sent a message to Starlink, asking them not to take preorders from Pakistani consumers because the company lacks a license to operate in Pakistan.

Earlier, a delegation from Starlink met with the Minister of IT & Telecom to discuss the provision of satellite broadband connectivity in Pakistan and Starlink’s policy and operation model for it.

An announcement was also made that SpaceX will be launching Starlink’s satellite broadband internet in Pakistan, which generated quite a buzz.

You should know: Starlink is owned by Elon Musk. It wants to deliver high-speed internet worldwide. It focuses primarily on providing internet connectivity to rural areas.

Big Picture: According to a 2017 census, more than 60% of Pakistanis reside in the rural region, and most of them do not have access to average broadband speeds.

If Starlink applies for a license and is granted one, it can change the quality of life in rural areas with access to high-speed internet.

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