Remotebase raises $2.1 million in Pre-Series A funding

Zahid Lilani
Remotebase raises $2.1 million in Pre-Series A funding

Remotebase, a recruitment marketplace based in Lahore, raised $2.1 million in Pre-Series A funding from Indus Valley Capital, Hustle Fund, Soma Capital, Angel Squad, and Draper Associates.

Tell me more: Remotebase hires, trains, and places the top 1% of developers in well-known U.S.-based tech companies. It promises to get a developer working with employers within 24 hours.

Employers pay Remotease commissions for access to top-vetted talent. But after placing 100+ engineers all over the U.S., Remotebase wants to experiment with a subscription-based model.

Instead of Remotebase managing the engineer and earning a commission, recruiters can pay $499 to access the top-vetted talent. This is a win-win for both employers and talent.

It has 60,000 software engineers on its roster. Before being added to the database, each candidate undergoes tests, trials, and interviews so that the company can fully understand their skills and specialties.

You should know: Remotebase was founded in 2020 by Qasim Asad Salam and Talha Masood. In March of 2021, it raised $1,4m in Seed funding from Indus Valley Capital, Draper Associates, and Hustle Fund.

This latest round of venture capital funding brings the total raised to $3.5 million.

Zoom out: Remotebase is the leader in talent placement and merit-based hiring for Pakistani professionals. It contributes significantly to Pakistan’s economic growth and allows talented Pakistanis to gain experience working at major U.S. tech companies.

Soured from: Forbes

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