Bykea launches Bykea Rickshaw

Noor Haider
Bykea launches Bykea Rickshaw
Bykea launches Bykea Rickshaw

Bykea has launched a Rickshaw service in Karachi, Bykea-Rickshaw, to improve mobility for women. 

Tell me more: Public transport has never been women-friendly in Pakistan. Buses are overcrowded, and women generally feel unsafe in them.

Public taxis do not have any way of tracking the rides and can be risky.

Ride-hailing apps, while promising safety, can end up being costly for a lot of women. So to get affordable public transport, they have always had to take extreme measures like traveling in packs or having a male companion accompany them. 

Bykea’s rickshaw service offers an affordable mobility solution.

It provides features like the  basic details of the driver in advance and the option to track the ride from the start till the end.

Rickshaws in Pakistan are also used as moving billboards, so this could also provide a monetization opportunity for the drivers. 

You should know: Bykea was founded in 2016 by Muneeb Maayr. It has raised $18.7 million in funding.

Bykea is also planning to launch its rickshaw service in Lahore and smaller cities.

Zoom Out: Rickshaws are taken mainly by middle-class women, and safety is a paramount issue for them. Bykea rickshaw with its ride tracking option could solve this problem for them. 

Bykea will also be utilizing the service for deliveries that cannot be carried out by bikes and pick-ups due to volume and unit economics.

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