Nearpeer gives female employees menstrual first-aid box

Noor Haider
Nearpeer gives female employees menstrual first-aid box
Nearpeer gives female employees menstrual first-aid box

Nearpeer, a Lahore-based EdTech startup, has introduced Bliss Up, a period-positive initiative to support its female employees.

Tell me more: The initiative includes providing a menstrual first-aid box, called the Bliss Box, which carries:

  • sanitary napkins
  • innerwear
  • hot/cold packs
  • basic pain-killer medicine

In addition to the menstrual first-aid box, female employees can take 12 paid period leaves per year.

Why it matters: Menstruation is a very stigmatized topic in the country.

A woman is expected to go about her daily routine unaffected during her period, despite feeling much discomfort.

There are usually no policies in place for working women who have to pretend they’re okay or have to say they’re “sick” to take some time off.

Plus, when it comes to emergencies, it’s hard to ask around for supplies, and women end up having to buy an entirely new pack.

With this initiative, women can take time off when needed and have an unending supply of sanitary napkins. Let’s face it, sanitary napkins are heavily taxed (12%), and being able to afford them is almost a luxury.

You should know: Nearpeer is not the first startup to introduce period leaves.

Swyft Logistics launched a period policy in November last year and was followed soon after by

Big Picture: It is refreshing to see startups addressing the stigma around periods.

It’s the 21st century, and the conversation around women’s health should not be something to be ashamed of or be hush about.

With Nearpeer joining the leagues of startups having period-specific policies, more workplaces will surely review their policies for women employees.

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