Swyft Logistics introduces paid period leaves

Noor Haider
Swyft Logistics introduces paid period leaves
Swyft Logistics introduces paid period leaves

Swyft Logistics, a Lahore-based logistics startup, has introduced a period policy called “Monthlies” that allows women employees to take time off during their period.

Why it matters: There is a great deal of stigma surrounding menstruation in the country. Something as trivial as buying sanitary napkins is considered embarrassing or something to be hush about.

Periods take a physical toll on your body, and work is an added stress on top of that. Still, workplaces in Pakistan don’t have any policies specifically designed for women’s health issues.

Women have to either keep working normally or have to say that they’re “sick.”

With this new policy, the conversation around women’s health is likely to change and the taboo surrounding periods. It might also spur other workplaces to review their policies for women employees.

And it already has.

Tabiyat.pk, a Karachi-based Healthtech startup, also launched a policy on menstrual leave for its female employees and announced it right after Swyft logistics announced it.

Tell me more: Swyft has a 30% female workforce. The policy offers up to 12 days of pre-approved period leaves in a year.

Their policy is based on the research that period affects your productivity, so they want to adjust accordingly.

Swyft also wants to end the perception of menstruation being an illness. Instead of making some excuse or taking sick leave, women can just take a day off.

With this new policy, they hope to reiterate that menstruation is a natural biological process and is nothing to be ashamed of or be embarrassed about.

You should know: Swyft is the first company in Pakistan to introduce a policy for period leaves. Combined, both Swyft and Tabiyat employ 250+ people.

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