Voyage raises $1 million in pre-seed funding to revolutionize the international shipping sector in Pakistan

Voyage Freight raises $1 million in pre-seed funding to revolutionize the international shipping sector in Pakistan
Omar Mukhtar, right. Bilal Latif, left. Cofounders of Voyage.

Voyage, a Lahore-based digital freight forwarding startup, has raised $1 million in pre-seed funding from Indus Valley Capital.

Make me care: In Pakistan, freight forwarding presents significant challenges for importers and exporters. There’s no transparency and complicated customs procedures, so uncertainty, delays, and higher costs exist. 

Inefficiencies in the sector are exacerbated by outdated practices and limited digitalization, resulting in high operational costs. As a result of these internal challenges, coupled with external factors like global economic conditions and geopolitical tensions, Pakistani exports lose competitiveness. 

Voyage wants to solve this problem by using new technology to streamline processes, automating customs procedures, and creating a more transparent and efficient system. 

Tell me more: Voyage consolidates all shipping operations (land and sea) onto a single dashboard, giving customers real-time visibility and control over their cargo.

Customers can instantly book, track, and enhance supply chain visibility with their intelligent logistics platform. No matter the company’s size, it can provide a solution that meets their requirements.

You should know: Voyage was founded in 2022 by Omar Mukhtar and Bilal Latif. 

With Omar’s experience in scaling businesses in the Pakistani market and Bilal’s expertise in logistics and operations within Pakistan’s industrial sector, their skills make a powerful founding team.

What they are saying:

This funding enables us to accelerate our mission of providing Pakistani exporters with a one-stop digital platform that manages their logistics needs from origin to destination, with complete transparency, visibility and control.

    Omar Mukhtar, Co-founder and CEO of Voyage Freight

    Increasing exports is a burning problem for Pakistan, and an outdated, opaque global shipping experience remains a key impediment. Voyage’s vision of simplifying global freight for anyone in Pakistan, especially new and smaller exporters, really resonated with us. We’re excited to partner with them.

    Aatif Awan, Founder and Managing Partner at Indus Valley Capital

      Zoom Out: Voyage will use the funding to further its mission of revolutionizing Pakistan’s international shipping sector. With plans to expand into the Middle East and North Africa, the company is establishing itself as a key player in the logistics industry.

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